Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd
Plot 4180, Jalan Perusahaan
3, Kamunting Industrial Estate,
34600 Kamunting, Taiping,
Perak, Malaysia.

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Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd updated Quality 品质 page content
Oct 15, 2021 at 01:21 pm —

Quality 品质

Our Commitment Towards 我们致力于 1.Quality 2.Health & Safety 3.Clean & Safe Workplace 4.Environment 品质 健康与工业安全 干净安全的工作场所 环境 Policy  政策 Committed to Deliver Our Customers Products and Services with Expected Quality and Expected Lead Time 在产品与服务方面,致力于提供客户满意的品质与交期。 Objective  目标 1. On time Delivery : Lead Time Within 6 weeks 2. Customer Complaints Product Qualities : Adhesion Paper Problem Glue Surface Release Printing Contaminated Packing Appearance Major Complaints : Zero Case Minor Complaints : Less than 3 cases / customer / year Remarks: considered major complaints once compensation incurred   (一)准时交货:六周 (二)客诉 品质问题包含:粘度问题,原纸问题,胶面问题,离形问题,印刷问题,板面问题,包装问题,外观问题 严重事件:零事件 轻微事件:每个客户每一年少于三宗 备注:赔偿属于严重事件   ISO Certification ISO 9001 : 2015 ISO 45001 : 2018 read more
Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd updated Internship Training Programme 实习培训计划 page content
Apr 22, 2021 at 01:06 pm —

Internship Training Programme 实习培训计划

同学们,你们好: 立美公司是以【企业社会责任(Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR)】 为前题所提供的实习生培训计划。每年提供一定数量的名额,开放给马来西亚各大学院校的同学申请实习。 作为企业社会责任,立美的实习生培训计划有以下的特点: 1. 太平或太平附近地区的学生优先。 2. 马来西亚最低薪资的保障,2021年度为每月RM1200。 3. 享有公积金,社保,以及员工福利。 立美强调每位同学在实习的阶段可已有真正的工作经验,藉以对将来职业发展定下良好的基础。 欢迎你申请立美的实习生培训计划! Hi Mates, Lih Mei fulfilled Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), provides Internship Training Programme. There will be provided a certain amount of internship application, open for all university students in Malaysia. As Cooperator Social Responsibility, Lih Mei's Internship Training Programme has the following characteristics: 1. Priority to student whose hometown in Taiping or nearby. 2. Malaysia's minimum wages policy, RM1200 per month in 2021 3. Provided Employees' Provident Fund, SOCSO, and staff benefits. Lih Mei emphasizes that, every student will gain the real job experiences in internship programme, creates a great foundation for future career development. Welcome to join Lih Mei's Internship Training Programme! read more
Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd updated Social Responsibility 社会责任 page content
Mar 18, 2021 at 02:31 pm —

Social Responsibility 社会责任

Covid-19 Bringing Nature & Sustainability into Masking Paper Lih Mei's sustainability strategy is to grow our business with the aim of helping to develop healthy and environmentally safe society. In year 2018, Lih Mei's new plant promote the concept of ''Green Factory'' to reuse, renew and recycle the energy and resources. 立美可持续性发展策略除了考量营业的增长,同时也重视社会与生态的健康稳定。 立美建设中的新工厂预计2018年完成极力推广绿色工厂。 采用减少,再使用与再循环的原则来管理资源与能源。 read more
Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd updated Event page content
Jun 23, 2020 at 04:49 pm —


Past Event read more
Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd added a news
Jun 23, 2020 at 11:01 am —
Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd updated Health & Safety 健康与工业安全 page content
Jun 23, 2020 at 09:33 am —

Health & Safety 健康与工业安全

Our Commitment Towards 我们致力于 1.Quality 2.Health & Safety 3.Clean & Safe Workplace 4.Environment 品质 健康与工业安全 干净安全的工作场所 环境 Policy  政策 LIH MEI INDUSTRIAL SDN.BHD. which is involved in manufacturing of masking paper recognize its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health to the workers. LIH MEI INDUSTRIAL SDN.BHD. is committed: To at least comply with applicable health and safety laws and other relevant requirements; To continual improvement of the OH&S Management System; To eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks; To promote an active mechanism of consultation and participation of workers related with OH&S Management System read more
Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd updated About Lih Mei 立美 page content
Aug 5, 2019 at 02:35 pm —

About Lih Mei 立美

Company Overview  公司简介   LM Group established in year 1989 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, includes Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd as headquarter which located at Malaysia, Lih Chiin Enterprise Co., Ltd, distribution center for Taiwan's customer, and Lee Shin Co., Ltd, servicing company in Thailand. Lih Mei Group specializes in the manufacturing of masking paper for the protection of acrylic sheets. In year 2004, we brought in technology & production line from Fujimori, Japan and inherits its over 30 years processing technology. Continuous development and innovation is our major concern to provide our customers with total solution on masking paper products. 立美集团于1989年创立台湾高雄,目前集团包含总公司马来西亚立美工业有限公司,台湾立清企业有限公司及泰国立心有限公司。 立美集团专精于制造压克力板材专用保护纸产品,并于2004年购入日本藤森公司保护纸生产线,承续其逾30年保护纸领域的工艺技术。 立美集团于现在与未来,不断持续研发与创新,提供客户高品质保护纸及完整的保护纸产品解决方案。 Click to view Lih Mei Company Profile read more
Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd updated Innovative & Technology 创新技术 page content
Feb 9, 2018 at 06:21 pm —

Innovative & Technology 创新技术

Bringing Innovative & Technology into Masking Paper Our LM team work hard to explore the new masking paper ideas and solutions to meet the market trends and dynamic changing on acrylic sheet market. We keep on evolve to support our customer-acrylic sheet Manufacturer's growth and innovations in acrylic industry. 立美团队不间断的研发与探讨新的保护纸配方来迎接压克力多元与客制化的市场需求。 立美全力应付配合压克力厂商的成长与发展。 read more
Lih Mei Industrial Sdn Bhd updated Permanent Position 永久职位 page content
Feb 9, 2018 at 01:48 pm —

Permanent Position 永久职位

立美公司在太平落脚近25年,不但是目前在太平地区为数不多的外资企业之一,更是一家强调发展高新技术与人才培育并重的公司。立美公司坚定的相信,人才的招募与培育,是立美公司迈向更成功未来的关键,以此为前提,立美公司将会不间断的致力于优化薪资结构与各项福利。不间断强化各职业发展阶段的培训。欢迎你选择立美。 Li Mei has been set up in Taiping since 25 years ago, Lih Mei is one of the few foreign-funded enterprise in the Taiping region, also a company which emphasize on both the development of high technology and talent cultivation. Lih Mei firmly believe that, the recruitment and cultivation of talents are the keys to move us towards a successful future. And therefore, Lih Mei will have continual improvement on salary structure, staff welfare and strengthen on the training of the various stages of career development. Welcome to choose Lih Mei.   read more
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